Welcome to our blog!

DSC_0679This blog has evolved as time as gone on.  It started as somewhere for me to keep track of my life with my then dog, Molly.  She was a whirlwind that turned my life upside down and helped me see what mattered in life.

I then got Roxy, who is such a joy!  She’s fuwp-1464968218451.jpgnny, loves to play, is caring and gets so upset if someone doesn’t like her!  She keeps me going and makes me smile every day.

Then in February 2017, I moved to a small village in North Wiltshire.  Living here life is slower, quieter and calmer.  I can spend hours looking at the bird from my window with Roxy curled up on my lap.

So that’s what this blog is about from now on!  The birds, Roxy and me!

Please feel free to post a comment.

Thank you

Roxy and Me xxx